Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue
Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue

Ceramic Bur For Soft Tissue

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This product may be used by health care professionals only. 


1. The cutting surface of the bur is made of special metal elements yttrium and zirconia bonded by a special process. The cutting effect is more accurate than a scalpel.

2. The angle design of the soft tissue trimming bur on the two sides of the needle tip is different. The purpose is to produce a fine cut when the mobile phone is rotated at high speed.

Cutting effect, this effect is reflected in the operation of gingival relieving and calculus removal.

3. During operation, the tip quickly heats up through friction with soft tissue, prompting the cutting surface of the soft tissue to quickly coagulate, thereby achieving rapid hemostasis.

Fruit (operating environment without water cooling).

4. Under normal use, the tip has high strength resistance to breakage, while the tip and other surfaces have excellent abrasion resistance, which can be very good.

Stay sharp and have a long life.



1. For cutting soft tissue. Keep the soft tissue trimming bur at an angle of 90 degrees to the cutting surface and press gently.

2. For gingival retraction. Place the needle in the gingival sulcus, close to the gum side at a 45-degree angle to the long axis of the tooth, and rotate 3-4 clockwise or counterclockwise to

To gingival effect. This method removes gingiva quickly and reduces bleeding.

3. For cutting small amounts of hyperplastic gums.

4. For the removal of calculus, apply slight pressure during operation.


Usage Attention

1. This soft tissue bur can only be used in a turbine, and the air pressure can be increased to 3.0 ~ 3.2MPS. Keep speed at 300,000 to 500,000 per minute

turn. Constant speed is the most ideal cutting state. The higher the speed, the better the hemostatic effect. Low speed may cause injury and should be avoided.

2. The affected area should be dry, and the cold spray of the turbine must be turned off. The use of spray cooling can impede the coagulation of capillaries and can also cause bleeding.

3. When the mobile phone reaches the required speed, it can start cutting, regardless of gums, mucous membrane bands or small tumors. The effect of high speed is basically

No pain in operation.

4. In order to achieve complete painlessness, you can also apply surface anesthesia on the surface of the affected area. The tip of the soft tissue needle is made of special bioceramics, which can effectively

Blood does not burn soft tissue at the same time.

5. Before storage, check the tip of the soft tissue needle for damage. If the tip is worn or damaged, you need to distinguish it.



1. Normal disinfection in hot air sterilizer or autoclave. During the entire disinfection process, make sure that nothing else can be damaged

Tip of soft tissue bur.

2. The ceramic working part of the bur is more sensitive than conventional surgical steel or tungsten steel burs. If using a disinfectant solution for cleaning, soft tissue

The bur must be carefully inserted into the tweezers.

3. After reaching the prescribed time, remove the soft tissue needle from the disinfectant solution, rinse and dry.

4. If ultrasonic cleaning is used, make sure that soft tissue burs cannot be placed in the same container with other instruments, especially silicon carbide burs.


Use Tips

1. When applying the repaired gingival retraction, you can use the number 00 gingival retraction line in a circle, which is very convenient.

2. Make a new periodontal gap before repairing after gum restoration.

3. The cosmetic trimming of the gums before the repair forms a cosmetic depression on the alveolar ridge to achieve a realistic effect.

4. Used for trimming gums during oral filling. Use before planting.

5. The use effect of soft tissue bur is similar to that of high-frequency electric knife, and it is safer to use. But high frequency electrosurgical cannot be used on patients with pacemaker.

It must also be specially disinfected. In addition, it is necessary to change the expensive cutter head. Lasers are even more expensive. So this bur is simple, convenient and economical.


An Alternative and Addition to Electro-surgery and Scalpel

Integrating new technology into a modern dental practice has become an everyday fact of life. Some of these new clinical products make clinical chairside dentistry less complicated and more productive. 

The Soft Tissue Trimmer by Edison Medical, is a flame shaped hard oxide ceramic cylinder. 

It is used in the high-speed handpiece at full RPM without water coolant spray to excise and contour soft gingival tissue with minimal bleeding. 

Unlike radio-surgery or electro-surgery, there is little risk of over-heating the surgical site and compromising the bone.

New Technology with a Different Twist

Most dental surgeons are very skilled at removing hard dental tooth structure with the high-speed handpiece. 


The technology transfer of the Soft Tissue Trimmer is the same, except no water coolant spray is needed. 

This trimmer should be thought of as a rotating scalpel for soft tissue that promotes coagulation for minimal bleeding. 



Contouring of gingiva for cosmetics

Contouring of inflamed gingival soft tissue

Widening the sulcus for fixed prosthodontic impressions 

Exposing deep cervical caries or external resorption


Recovering intraosseous implants

Exposing partially erupted wisdom / fractured teeth

Excising granulation tissue

Crown lengthening